What's effective?

As integrated marketers, we're constantly being asked, "what's the most effective medium?"  While we'd argue that it's not simply the platform anymore, we're particularly intrigued at how well television commercials show on this list.  This provides fact-based evidence that television has the ability to drive efficient scale to digital's ability to deliver granular targeting.  It's not necessarily a siloed "either-or" proposition.  We're also really intrigued by the strong showing of relative newcomers - Periscope, Snapchat and Instagram.

Welcome to the "new and improved" website!

We're psyched to launch this new website, and we hope that you'll check back in with us frequently.  With the massive amounts of content that routinely comes our way, our goal is to become a resource for keeping up with the latest trends and issues affecting the ever-changing media landscape.  We invest heavily in resources to keep us up-to-the-minute, and will plan to share here, along with our posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.  

Video in all its incarnations is a hot commodity right now and eMarketer does an outstanding job in synthesizing and summarizing its growth.  Here's a projection of how agency types think the landscape will shake out relative to ad spend, and it's no surprise that video is at the top of the list.