What's effective?

As integrated marketers, we're constantly being asked, "what's the most effective medium?"  While we'd argue that it's not simply the platform anymore, we're particularly intrigued at how well television commercials show on this list.  This provides fact-based evidence that television has the ability to drive efficient scale to digital's ability to deliver granular targeting.  It's not necessarily a siloed "either-or" proposition.  We're also really intrigued by the strong showing of relative newcomers - Periscope, Snapchat and Instagram.

The death of traditional media has been greatly exaggerated (even among young people)

It seems like we're hearing that "no one watches TV anymore."  And, despite all the recent discussion about cord-cutting, this recent data, profiling device use habits of kids and teens, shows otherwise.  Granted, teens' use of the laptop/computer as the "main screen" increases after about age 15, but TV is still the big kahuna.  Moral of the story?  Use the mass media to drive scale to your more granular digital targeting activity.