TV's still the screen we watch the most

There is a lot of talk about the demise of television;  true, the landscape is much more fragmented, but television's still the scale platform.  If you want to reach a lot of people in the shortest period of time, television is best equipped to deliver - hands down.  It's always prudent to consider an integrated approach:  digital targets better than television (or any other scale medium) can.  The campaign and communication needs to work together:  television can drive traffic to a response, whether it's a web click, telephone call, app download, or whatever you're considering "success."  And, be sure you think about - in detail - what "success" really is.  While it usually comes down to revenue generation, there may be interim steps to be taken in order to build that relationship and earn that revenue.  

Platform usage differs a bit based on age, but directionally, it's consistent.  Here's the latest report from Nielsen on the topic.

Source:  Nielsen,  Comparable Metrics Report, Q1 2016

Source:  Nielsen, Comparable Metrics Report, Q1 2016

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Video in all its incarnations is a hot commodity right now and eMarketer does an outstanding job in synthesizing and summarizing its growth.  Here's a projection of how agency types think the landscape will shake out relative to ad spend, and it's no surprise that video is at the top of the list.